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Gigunda is the strategic, creative, and execution engine behind some of the most indelible and award-winning programs in the industry.

Founded in 1994 with a mission to transform complex insights into BIG. SIMPLE. IDEAS., Gigunda Group, Inc. is an innovative marketing and strategy agency with an established reputation among Fortune 100 corporations as a market-leading idea instigator, insight expert, and problem solver.

And to ensure that our BIG. SIMPLE. IDEAS. are brought to life perfectly and on schedule, we own and operate Gearhouse – our in-house production company that enables us to design, fabricate, print, and integrate all the creative assets that will be used to exceed our clients’ expectations.

The marriage of ideas and vertical-integration has served us well over the past twenty plus years of our company history, and we’ve been fortunate enough to earn 200+ industry and client awards – and all by keeping true to the fundamental spirit of BIG. SIMPLE. IDEAS.



Experience has taught us that inspiring and successful programs are created when BIG. SIMPLE. IDEAS. are rooted in insightful strategy.

Insightful strategy fuels brilliant design.

Brilliant design yields an astounding build.

Astounding builds anchor unforgettable activations.

At Gigunda, we’re equipped to handle the full spectrum. From ideation to ignition, we have the skill, talent, imagination, and passion to elevate and illuminate your brand in ways you never thought possible.

Where will you jump in and take One Giant Leap for BrandKind™?

We understand the importance of business on smaller scales. You don’t need to spend a million shiny coins for a program or campaign to work. We flex with your budget to get the most bang for your buck.

They’re still BIG. SIMPLE. IDEAS.

Gearhouse is our in-house production company that enables us to design, print, fabricate, and integrate all the creative assets that will be used to exceed our clients’ expectations.



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